New gamer girl... who's system keeps crashing! :'(

By elijahsmama
Jun 20, 2010
  1. I love playing computer games, and recently got the original Diablo. I installed it, and it wouldn't play right, so I tweaked the display settings so the game would come in clear. Well since I have done that every time I try playing a game my system crashes. I mean it completely shuts off. I am not at all dumb, but I do not know that much about computers(other than I love playing games on it, lol). I did uninstall a bunch of games thinking maybe my memory was full, but it didn't help.
    I have an XP, Hp Pentium a1220n. If that helps. Is anyone willing to help me fix this? Iwould be very greatful! I am very good at following directions if anyone wants to know anything.
  2. Tmagic650

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    That is a HP Pavilion a1220n. When you tweaked the video settings, you probably stressed your already weak video. You are using on-board video. You will need to install a good add-on video card so you can continue to love playing video games. You may also benefit from adding a better, stronger power supply too
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