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New Gateway desktops offer overclocking and Windows XP

By Julio Franco
May 6, 2008
  1. IRVINE, Calif., May 6, 2008 – Gateway today introduced a range of new desktop PCs for retail and direct customers. Offering either AMD or Intel processors, leading technology and rich multimedia features, Gateway's new line up includes PCs for general home use, tech savvy enthusiasts and high-performance gamers. While most of the new products include Windows Vista, Gateway is still offering one model with Windows XP.

    For those who prefer to purchase from their local retailer, Gateway has increased the performance of its value-based FX desktop, with the introduction of the FX7026. The newest generation PC in this line features a faster processor, over-clocked graphics, more memory and increased storage. Recently introduced at retail outlets nationwide, Gateway's line of FX PCs maximize gaming and digital media performance at a compelling price point. With widespread availability through the retail channel, the FX line takes the guess-work out of purchasing a gaming PC, bringing high-performance gaming within reach of most mainstream consumers.

    Gateway has also refreshed its powerful GT Series of desktops, offering Quad-Core and Triple-Core processors, premium integrated graphics and up to 4GB of memory. GT Series PCs are designed for consumers managing digital media libraries, editing video and photos, or for online game playing.

    For customers who prefer to purchase direct via phone or over the Internet, Gateway has refreshed and added several new models to its mainstream multimedia DX line as well as its flagship no-compromise FX Series of PCs.

    Pricing and Availability
    The Gateway FX7026 Desktop and Gateway GT Series desktops are available now at leading retail outlets nationwide. Visit www.gateway.com/retail for additional information or to locate a store.
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