New guy needs help with AGP video card

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Jun 20, 2008
  1. Hey folks, I just joined techspot and I was wondering about motherboard running a video card my friend got me. My motherboard is a KG-7 Raid, and I built this computer years ago. The video card is an e-GeForce 6200LE, an 8x AGP card. My original card is a 4x geforce 2 ultra. Will this card work for my computer?
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    Depends on the motherboard, and what it will allow. If it is limited to 4X, you might find it impossible to run 8X. Does it appear to install OK? Do you have any yellow or red flags in video graphics of device manager?
    You might try removing the driver, the reinstall it, watching closely for glitches or pauses or error messages such as "device may have a problem" or "Device is not working properly." or "Device failed to install.
  3. mopar man

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    It should work fine. I have a 6200, and my Mobo is limited to 4X, and the card just simply runs on 4x. The only thing I worry about is that it shows on Everest that my cards 4x, but I highly doubt it. Yes, I am pretty sure it will work fine, though, FrznHt.
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    Same here my card is a AGP 8x 7300GT 512mb and its running on my board at 4X

    which is why i dont worry about getting a 7950gt since it will suffer from the 4x limit too

    I didnt have any real problems with it but i have experienced the occasional bottleneck when playing sims2 or ut2004 (the card will think faster than my cpu so you will get half a frame ahead of the other half....)

    so it all depends on your board....

    PS i did run into the trouble of going into my bios and enabling the agp since i had onboard video before but thats just normal procedure
  6. Acclamator

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    Notice all 8X cards are rated at 4X/8x. This means it they will run on newer 8X and older 4X motherboards. Actually my EVGA GeForce 6200 worked in AGP 1X! -My old machine died and I hooked it up to a Pentium III system for the mean time.
  7. Isabella

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    Depends whether your card is backward-compatible or not.
    You may email the technical support of the manufacturer and ask
    It's FREE =]
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