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Aug 3, 2009
  1. Hello, I bought a Western Diginal Caviar SE 500gb Hard Drive yesterday. My old hard drive is destroyed and i cannot copy any files or the previous OS over from it so i was just going to do a fresh install. Reading the manual it said to Boot to Data lifeguard tools ( Installation cd that came with my hard drive) to set up my new Hard Drive if I do not have a current OS. So I put in the disc adjust my BIOS settings to boot to CD-ROM and nothing. Just pulls up a black screen with a ticking underscore. So i tried to install my OS without doing it. Everything is going good then around 3/4s of the way through i get a BSOD Memory_management. I did some research on it and found out its mostly related to problems with newly installed Hardware so im figuring it has something to do with the data lifeguard tools disc not being ran. But how do i run it if its not allowing me to boot from disc?

    -Thanks for any and all help,
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    You do not necessarily need the Data Lifeguard disk. It can be helpful or a pain in the butt.
    You may install your hard drive with the correct cables and jumpers.
    Then reboot to your Windows disk. Presto. Everything you need will be done by Windows.
    It will format the drive (can take from 35 to 50 minutes with a 500 GB drive, depending on your system. If Windows has a problem, Data Lifeguard may be helpful then.
    If using Linux, there are similar tools... and so with Apple.
    Data Lifeguard can be handly later on, for diagnostics and such.
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    Thats the problem im coming down to. I have tried to do that and it either gives me a blue screen or a ton of corrupt files. Im stuck and have no clue what to do :(
  4. Rnasso

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    Actually i just tried something. Went ahead and put the data tools disc into the pc i currently have and Theres an option to create a bootable Diskette. But i have no clue what a diskette is and when i try to do it it says no diskette in drive. Is a diskette just like a floppy or usb? thanks
  5. raybay

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    It should not do that from a cold boot.
    Are we talking about a SATA driver or EIDE?
    If SATA, are you sure your cables are in good shape?

    Western Digital hard drives have been shipped from Hangary, Singapore, Panama, and other such places... so there is always the risk that the drive was damged from being banged around while in shipment.
    Otherwise, the cold boot, should start a new boot order without the previously reported blue screen... Could you have a bad memory module? You do not need much memory to do a cold boot... even 256 MB memory will enable a boot and format... so try removing one memory module, and then the other.
  6. Rnasso

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    Trying now will report results later.
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