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By ColdFusion1990
Dec 3, 2008
  1. Hi, I really need help from some Techspot professionals here. I would like to purchase a new laptop and I don't want to get something that will be useless in a couple years. I only have a few requirements of my own:

    - I want the computer to run fluidly. (You know, not a slow computer)

    - I would really like to be able to play games. The better the laptop plays games, the better I'll like it. (I'll be practical about it, I know a laptop won't run Crysis on High :p )
    I also need it to work well with movie-making software like Adobe Premiere Pro CS-whatever.

    - Lastly, I really want to be sure that I'm buying the best laptop for my price range. I don't want to pop onto Newegg the morning after I purchase it and find a better one for the same price.

    -Oh, and build quality, but I'm not sure anyone will be able to tell unless they have one themselves.

    I have found 3 very interesting possibilities...

    I really like the specs on all of these laptops. They are all about the same price, which is reasonable. But I am unsure which one to get.

    The first one, the Cheaper ASUS has great features like the rest of them, but also has a lot of positive reviews, and is a pretty good bet that I will be satisfied.

    The second laptop, the HP, has bigger hard drive, looks better, better resolution, has Lightscribe, and has Vista 64-bit (I will get to that in a sec). It also has a Nvidia 9600 "GT", which I assume is better than a "GS" like the cheaper ASUS has. Unfortunately, it doesn't have enough reviews to ensure a satisfactory purchase, and is supposedly "hotter" when gaming. It is also about $50 more expensive.

    The third laptop is like the other ASUS with the exception of a better video card, much nicer layout and look, larger hard drive, and better resolution. But it is $100 more expensive and has only a few reviews as well. It also has 32-bit Vista.

    A concern of mine is the 32/64 bit Vista dilemma. I would prefer 64-bit and would NOT enjoy buying the OS again to upgrade. Both ASUS laptops have 32-bit Vista OS'. The HP has 64-bit. Supposedly you only get to use 3 of the 4 GB of RAM with 32-bit. So that is a problem.

    Which laptop should I get? Are there any better ones out there I may have missed?
    Help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. I can't be much help on which one you should get because they are all have different features that improves something over the other. I can only make this comments from my experiences. \
    A) Don't buy it on a lease.
    B) Make sure you check out the average battery life.

    The second became a major issue for me as my schools health and safety policies meant we were not allowed to plug in to a power socket to recharge thus giving me only the time my battery would give me.
  3. Tedster

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    well if your intention is to play games, avoid 64 bit OSes. I don't know of any games that require more than 1gb to play. (although I am sure there are some.) Also laptops are not recommended for playing games in general. Use a desktop.
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