New LG V40 ThinQ reveals: Cinemagraph feature, details on the five cameras


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The V40 ThinQ’s Cine Shot feature, which works with all three of the phone’s rear cameras, lets you create cinemagraphs from the main camera app. Essentially, these are like a mix of a static photo and a gif: still images containing sections of looped movement.

There are already apps available in the iOS and Play stores that allow you to create cinemagraphs, but having the feature integrated directly into the phone means no using thrid-party apps and an easier experience, presumably.

Cine Shot works by letting users record a 3-second video. They then select which sections to animate by circling them with their finger. The final result is saved as a video file and can’t be re-edited.

Quite how many people will use the feature regularly remains to be seen, but it is quite a cool additional extra, and you’ll probably see an uptick in cinemagraphs on Instagram once the V40 ThinQ is released. While LG is heavily promoting the feature, the Moto Z3 Play offers something similar.

In other news, reliable leaker Evan Blass has confirmed predictions that the three rear cameras on the V40 ThinQ are made up of a regular angle, super wide angle, and a telephoto lens, while the front-facing snappers are of the regular and wide angle variety.

The promo images didn’t offer any specs, but the main rear unit is thought to be 16MP with a f/1.5 aperture, the super wide angle a 13MP f/1.9 fixed-focus camera, and there's a 8MP zoom camera. We’ll get confirmation of this and all the other details when the V40 ThinQ is revealed tomorrow (October 3). It's expected that LG will also show off its new smartwatch: the LG Watch W7.

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LG needs to aim for refinement and not silly photo modes. How about going full-bore and decking all the cameras/lenses out instead of gimping the zoom lens at 8MP? Is it (or all of them) optically stabilized? I hope so...

Shortcuts in hardware and execution lead to bad reviews which lead to bad sales LG... freaking wake up.

Stop taking shortcuts (which I assume they've done again here) and work on refining your product.

Heck, give me one pre-launch and I'll tell you what's wrong with it.

EDIT: I loved the LG V30 (A LOT!!!) and wanted SO BADLY to keep it after giving up my S7 Edge. But, I couldn't deal with the small glitches and oddities that seem like they would've been caught during a testing phase. It's not that hard. Hire someone who is a power user, and have them test it for you. LG if you're reading this, seriously... hire me, and I'll save you some media embarrassment on the next phone you're designing.