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Jul 22, 2009
  1. This Dell 2400 has 512mb 333MHz in one slot and128mb 333MHz in the other.When I put 1g 333MHz in any slot a buzzer sounds.The 1g fits right in. All are DDR 333MHz.
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    Your machine may not be able to handle such large DIMMs. Get with Dell's support page, you should be able to determine the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed, and also whether the DIMMs themselves need to be single sided, double sided, or either type will work. This info is usually in the Motherboard Manual. So, download it. The fact that the 1GB module fits has no bearing on the functionality, as desktop DDR is always a standardized 184 pin package.
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    The Dell 2400 may have memory restrictions like type and it is never recommended to mix sizes like 512MB, 128MB and 1GB modules. What happens with just the 1GB module installed. A single memory module must normally be installed in the first memory slot nearest the CPU
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    If your talking about the Dell Dimension 2400, which it sounds like you are, I have this exact same model and have upgraded the memory to the maximum. I do believe you need to do a BIOS update to support the 2GB max, otherwise the max will be 1GB for the older BIOS. But seeing how your only installing 1GB, this probably isn't the problem. I used 2 PC2700's at 333mhz. I believe the computer should also support PC3200, but it may be at a different MHz. Maybe try and check that. Hope I could help.
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    we have already went to dell support and did a bios download but it still didn't work
    Is there another place to get the download you are talking about.
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    PC3200 and PC2700 are interchangeable. When installed in a computer with a 166Mhz memory clock, it runs @333Mhz. When installed in a computer with a 200MHz memory clock it runs @400MHz.
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    that makes sense, but i guess it sounds that PC3200 is the better memory. eh whatever, im happy with what i got.

    To get the latest BIOS, just go to (open in IE browser as they require it for some strange reason) and under the "For Home" tab at the top left, click the "Support, Services, and Drivers option. Once you find your computer, you should find the update.

    If this isn't the problem, then my only guess would be that the brand of your memory does not work properly. It's a stretch, but who knows. You never mentioned if you had either PC2700 or PC3200, but I know you mentioned it fit in, but which one did you buy? Also which brand is it? I used Crucial.

    Another idea, maybe you don't have the memory firmly in. Make sure the tabs click in on the ends when you place the memory in.
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    read the updating ram guide in the guides forum
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