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Oct 29, 2013
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  1. Hi guys, I am buying a new monitor and don´t have a lot of expirience with that stuff, I will use it for gaming(BF3, MW3, BO2,BFBC2, WoT, War Thunder...) and surfing the internet, watching Youtube videos at 720p...
    This is what I have in mind:
    Price in dollars:180$-190$
    If there is somethig better let me know.
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    Ace, where are you posting from. I notice the price on the monitor you're considering is "999,00 kn" Which I'm guessing is "Kronar". Not sure about the language on the page. With that said, I don't know how much a person from the US wil be able to help. I (we), mostly have no idea what's available to you. Unless of course, you'd like to post more links to your suppliers.

    I thought the Kronar was Swedish, but the print almost looks Polish.

    Forgive my lack of worldliness....:oops:
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    Krona, Krone and the other Scandinavian variants is kr. Pretty sure OP is quoting Croatian kuna (exchange rate seems to bring the price around the ballpark). Remember continental Europe changes around commas and periods!

    Anyway I agree a link to a popular online supplier would be useful.
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    I am from croatia and it is a samsung brand store
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