New motherboard and Processor. No video signal on startup!

By carenza ยท 26 replies
Nov 30, 2005
  1. mailpup

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    Put the memory modules in DIMM 1 and DIMM 2. It says not to put them into 1 & 3 (for two modules). The manual could be clearer on that, I agree.
  2. carenza

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    Thanks a bunch

    I dunno what the problem was exactely but after reseating the ram a few times. Reseting CMOS every time and reseating the CPU FINALLY it decided it was going to let me in. I configured the CD drive and such as first boot and windows CD is reformating the drive as we speak and getting windows back on.

    Thanks a bunch for all your help. I just sudgest that you all avoid chaintech boards. There directions to me was indirect and not very in depth like most boards I have gotten from ASUS and ia other board manufactures

    Once again thanks all :grinthumb :wave:
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