New pc. hit a brick wall. not literaly

By virago05
Nov 9, 2009
  1. Hi all.
    I have seen a few posts on this site and many like it that closly resemble what i want to ask but not quite helped. so here goes.

    I recently purchased all the parts i needed for building myself a pc.
    My father in law helped me put it together and followed the instructions to the letter, and he has built pc's b4. so this problem has him stumped also.

    after everything has been installed besides the new vidoe card i bought when i turn it on for the first time the motherboards main screen flashes on for a second then goes straight to a black screen with the words : "Reboot and Select proper Boot device, or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key"

    So i restart with either my motherboard disk or a copy of windows in the dvd drive and still get the same message. i can sometimes catch the bios screen if i press escape quick enough but wouldnt know the first thing to do.

    Before i ramble to much these are my specs to the best of my noobieness knowledge.

    Asus; P5G41-M LX Motherboard.
    Intel Quad core2 Q8400 2.66ghz
    2x2gb Transcend ddr2800 ram
    seagate 500gb HDD

    I also have a ECS 9500gt 1gb video card that i havent installed yet just in case :)

    I am going to go back to the shop where i got the package from if i cant fix it my self but as it is my first build i really wanted to achieve something(and not wanna pay if i have to get it sorted by the shop)

    Any help would be appreciated. :)

  2. Route44

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    One thing I noted was your RAM and the make of your motherboard. Asus boards are very well known for being very picky about what memory is recommended per model board.

    We had someone here a few months ago who was having issues and it came down to his Asus mobo and Kingston RAM. Now Kingston makes great memory and for his motherboard Kingston was recommeneded -- but NOT the Kingston he had installed. Once he installed one of the recommended Kingston no more issues.

    * I am not saying this is your issue, but it would pay you to find your particular model at Asus' website and take note of the recommended memory.
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