New PC won't post

Old PC (Corsair One) died (second time w/ video card issues - never doing one of them again).

I had an old frame, so I snagged the CPU, HDs, and memory from the Corsair One, bought a 3060 to replace the old video card, bought a new motherboard, and used a power unit from the old frame. PC won't post - turns on and right back off.

I have since gotten a replacement motherboard, new power unit, new case, and tested 2 CPU coolers. Still can't seem to get it to post. I have power on the motherboard (bridged the power pins and get the same result - powers up and shuts right back down).

I am at a loss as to what to do at this point. Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas?

Thank you in advance for any/all assistance.


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No one can help you SP since we would need to know what motherboard model you are using and BIOS version. We need to know the CPU model and ideally the part# of the RAM kit you are using. Example: You could be using a Intel Gen 6 CPU and trying to get it to run in a Gen 7/8 motherboard. It will fit but it won't work =(

This is the reason my shop only sells AMD AM4 much easier to service and stock for