New problems - infection

By Parakirby
Oct 5, 2008
  1. Hi!

    I've had a thread here before, from a few weeks back.

    Since then, here's what changed about my computer:
    1. External HD got stolen, had to rely on 40 GB HD
    2. Installed several new games
    3. Several people on the same network complaining of viruses

    In any case, my computer's running much slower recently, my up-to-date antivirus program keeps randomly detecting 'Trojan Horse' at random times, and occasionally IE will open up to a page that IE can't open. When I google'd the URL, it turns out this is an effect of the virus.

    I welcome and thank any help anyone is able to give!

    My antivirus programs:
    Malaware - Found 59 problems, but it's still around
    Symantec - Finds nothing but keeps giving me random 'virus' messages
    Ad-Aware - Have not run yet
    Spybot - Did not find it
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