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Jul 8, 2007
  1. Good Morning All!
    I have been helping a friend fix their computer that was infected with spyware. We removed it successfully. After it was gone all the letters and test on the control panel options were missing. She had everything backed up so we went ahead and did a restore on the PC from the factory disk. Now the computer does 1 of 2 things. BSOD or hangs up at loading personal settings requiring a dirty down. It will boot into safe mode fine. I can't open the repair console for some reason. I tried using the restore disk again (several times). Any help is appreciated!
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  3. Boanerges

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    I think I have really screwed it up!
    I couldn't get to the part to delete any profiles.
    It is a gateway computer. It has a "restore partition" that works with the restore disk. after running the restore disk several time and still getting either BSOD of a hangup at "loading personal profiles" I deleted everything on the "restore Partition" thinking that it would reinstall itself from the restore disk. Ummm.... that didn't happen. Now all I get is a disk I/O error when I try to restore the computer using the restore disk. Arrghh
    Any Suggestions?
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    u will now have to go buy a Windows CD and start over by deleting the partition reformatting and installing Windows new.
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    Yea, i can do that but I talked to Gateway and they sent me to a repair facility and they claim they can fix it.!
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    well good luck.
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