Newegg drops supplier over counterfeit Intel processors

By Jos ยท 51 replies
Mar 9, 2010
  1. bcnu147

    bcnu147 TS Rookie

    My son only orders from New Egg. He says they have the best return policy he has found -- and he is a tech.

    I have also dealt with them and found them to be everything he said.

    Viva New Egg!
  2. SweetIT

    SweetIT TS Rookie

    Newegg is great at getting the product to the consumer. If the consumer doesn't know how to use it, that's not Newegg's fault. There are dishonest people in the world who will break something and send it back defective. That's a mess, however no one should be stuck with an item if they just simply ordered the wrong thing. That's why companies have return policies and procedures. That's a no brainer!
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