Newegg is giving customers free protective masks


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In a nutshell: With the CDC and government now advising people to wear masks outside to help prevent Covid-19 infection, there’s good news for Newegg customers in the US: the retailer is giving away protective masks free with every purchase.

Newegg CEO Anthony Chow told Tom’s Hardware that the company secured a shipment of the single-use masks for its employees and is now making 5-packs available to customers for free. “They simply need to apply the discount once they add a mask 5-pack to their purchase and the masks are theirs for free,” said Chow.

Chow also assured customers that the company was working to keep its warehouses open while maintaining the health of its workers.

Tom’s Hardware notes that when it made a purchase on Newegg, an offer to add masks to the order appeared at the checkout. Both items came with rebates, meaning the pack of 50 was $35 instead of $50, while the $5 pack of five was free after applying the discount.

For those willing to spend extra money on more masks, there is a wide range available on the site, varying in price from around $10 up to $172 for a pack of 200.

Some retailers, including Amazon, are now restricting the sale of protective masks, but Chow says the ones being given away on Newegg aren’t the same. “It’s important to point out that the masks pertaining to this promotion are not N95 or surgical-grade,” he explained. “These general-use masks are particularly well-suited to everyday use by the general public, especially relevant given how health authorities in the U.S. are starting to acknowledge the benefits of mask usage by the broader population.”

Customers will only be able to take advantage of the free masks for as long as stocks last. They’re limited to one pack per order, to stop people hoarding.

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Count yourselves lucky. In UK the front line health professionals are having big problems getting masks.


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FWIW: I hit on Newegg's site, and the 5 pack of mask's didn't appear. Newegg alledegly had 7 products still in stock.

Within the no more than 5 minutes I spent at the site, all 7 products sold out.

You can apparently still order masks from China, if you feel so moved.


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There was some kind of furor a few days ago as the Administration found out 3M resellers were selling masks overseas for more than they were allowed to charge in the US. President and the talking heads were irate on TV. No more news on it after that first day. Now we know where they were rerouted I guess.


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One would think so but this morning Saturday on the news it was announced that the entire NHS could run out of masks and protective gowns over this weekend. Loads of small businesses are stepping up and rushing to produce masks to donate to health workers. So far the government wastes more time blocking distribution because the masks have to be tested and approved before they can be authorised. I have a strong feeling the UK government (and others) will be held to account for their apalling performance regarding this pandemic.