Newest malware: Antivirus XP 2010

By shelly0312
Feb 27, 2010
  1. My desktop has acquired this nasty malware, it is well descibed as maraudng as official Microsoft Security; but I had seen similar a couple of years ago and was immediately suspicious. The desktop is infected enough that I cannot visit the sites needed to download the cleanups. I do also have laptop that seems more current in its protection. I assume I could download these programs to the laptop and than burn to a cd/dvd? However I am not the most computer capable--should I just call the geek squad or do you think this is something that can be walked thru?
    most sincerely shelly0312
  2. Broni

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    Geek Squad is the very last place, you want to contact unless you're very well off :)

    This is exactly, what you want to do. Eventually, you can use USB flash drive.
  3. shelly0312

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    malware: Antivirus XP 2010

    So I was able to follow your 8-step program for virus free living. I ran all the virus scans on my laptop and than loaded them on a DVD to transport to desktop--(the desktop cannot even open GOOGLE --just get dire warnings about it being a "viral site")--but I found the malware also would not allow me to open any of the antivirus software from the DVD. I am assuming I am toast. I should salvage my pics and a couple of art programs if I can get to them, and take tower somewhere to be wiped clean and re-install OS? So, my final question is: if OS is reinstalled is that considered a "pirated" OS. Will I still be able to get updates or am I than outside recognized Microsoft programs at that point? Thanks for your help.
    most sincerely shelly0312
  4. Broni

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    If you have valid product key, then you're fine.
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