News around the web: 5 secrets of YouTube’s success

By Erik
Apr 5, 2010
  1. TomSEA

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    "Insane PC Game DRM Drove Me To Piracy" is a bit of a misleading title (not TechSpot's fault - they're just posting it as is).

    The guy bought a game, worked fine, but then his HD went belly-up. Replaced the HD and couldn't get the game to work due to DRM restrictions. Numerous calls to both publisher and MS Live with no results. Finally gave up and downloaded a pirated copy. So a consumer who has always purchased his games - and purchased this one - downloaded a cracked copy to make it run. I wouldn't consider that piracy, nor would I presume that piracy is all he is going to engage in from here on out as the title lends itself to.

    Just sayin'... ;)
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