News around the web: IT is hot again

By Erik
Mar 30, 2010
  1. Puiu

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    I already knew most of the free software in the "Best of" list, but i did find a few good ones that i didn't know about too.

    PS: i want to work at that firm too.
  2. "IT is hot again"

    Nice to know. Albeit a lot of us who'd been down that path are burned out or looking to do something else careerwise.

    couple things need to happen (for me neways) to go back to the corporate madness:

    -hourly pay, no more salary. I can't tell you how much overtime I put just to keep my head above water while understaffed doing helpdesk, e-mail, network, server, app support and Blackberry/palmtop support. Why is it in IT we are forced to wear many hats, while in medical field there are better separation of duties (and pay to go with it)

    -40hr work week. Anytime worked over 40hrs "on salary" is no longer a benefit for the employee.
    I understand the "occasional" overtime involved, but give us comp days or overtime pay once in awhile.

    -mandatory lunchtime - Yes. because some people think we DONT EAT LUNCH like normal people. So whenever they have a computer problem, they think their lunchtime is the ONLY time to have it fixed. Sorry man, I eat during lunch too ok?

    -separation of Blackberry/iPhone/WindowsPhone/palmphone BACK to the wireless provider/manufacturer. Look I got a lot on my plate already, why do I need to support this guy's frakking iPhone issues? He should go to whomever he got it from and DEAL WITH IT. When somebody's hard drive crashed at 4:45pm, I got better issues to deal with. What next we deal with people's home wireless issues? (next point)

    -home networking stuff at employee's home is THEIR responsibility. I will test VPN on our internal line to see if it works, but if you get home and can't connect, CONTACT YOUR ISP OR ROUTER MANUFACTURER. I am NOT your personal ISP or Home Router helpdesk thank you.

    -at least 2 or three IT guys should work together sharing the same responsibilities. Assuming working in a medium or large corporate office, I HATE being the only guy working in IT. It's a frakking lonely job and much harder when emergencies arise requiring you to be in multiple places at one time. It's like being the only doctor in the hospital with 1000 patients. We appreciate company. Even a part timer or intern will do.

    -give us real perks like MSDN technet, iPad, and cool gadgets/machines that WE can pick for ourselves to keep us educated and on top of our game.

    I'm sure there's more, meh.
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