News around the web: Why Google Needs China

By Erik
Jan 22, 2010
  1. Archean

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    Interesting article, and I'll stick with my earlier comment about this issue in some post about Google's threat 'it will be like shooting through their own skull' if they go out of china thinking that will hurt Chinese. I think with just as the US government has realized that they can't really push Chinese anymore (mostly because its the China which is now holding up huge dollar reserves in turn helping the dollar stay where it is), it is time for US corporations to realize that as well; the time to push around Chinese has come and gone, so it is much better way to negotiate about problems one is having and try to settle them in a more pragmatic way.
  2. I think in the long run (a concept that business/greed has never been particularly good at) the cost of letting China intimidate, corrupt, and bully the world is far greater then the short term bottomline.

    Sacrificing the future for the sake of the present is another definition for ignorance. It is also the primary reason the world has stumbled so terribly astray from fulfilling its potential.

    Google has the right attitude and we should be brave enough to follow in step. What possible long term good is it to engage in business with a country if the end result is to increase its ability to bring more stupidity and suffering into the world?

    We need to get our heads out of our pocket books and into what kind of future world we want to leave our kids with.
  3. Archean

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    How about the stupidity of the so called only Superpower of the world's rulers? which has been killing people around the world for no good reason? I tend to agree with Jonathan Power's assertion couple of years ago that American Power has started to diminish and it will continue to do so ever more, when it became clear that US is no longer the net 'importer' of investment anymore, infact it was loosing more of it every year then it was getting, including various other political facts; that the days when American's could do anything and get away with it are gone. However, having said that I think bracketing a whole nation whether its americans or chinese as 'stupid' or 'rogue' is totally absurd, its their stupid ruling classes (including big corporations which influences political decisions) which are to blame for their actions not the ordinary person on the street
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