Next generation Kindle Voyage e-reader to feature 6-inch, 300 PPI display

Shawn Knight

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Amazon's German portal may have jumped the gun by prematurely posting what appears to be a new version of the company's Kindle e-reader. The device in question, known as the Kindle Voyage, features a few new features as well as...

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187 euro for a 186 gram device - sounds like an overcharge :)

I am a Kindle Paperwhite user, and quite like the device. And for $100 it was a no brainer. And I think raising the price will be a big mistake for them, because they make money on the content, not the device itself.
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I'm waiting for the device since it was a rumor, but at that price I think I will stay with my very good nook glowling which cost me 99.


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It is difficult to know how a new Kindle can be better than a Paperwhite.

If it is the price mentioned - No thank you.

If pressing on the bezel changes the page - no thank you. (if you are not pressing or holding the bezel to read - say in bed - then the pages will be changing all the time.

Tidying up the software for controlling the book lists would be a good thing.