Next Intel reference motherboard to have USB 3.0?


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Intel is widely expected to hold back USB 3.0 support on its own chipsets until sometime in 2011 -- or even further. However, if recent mumblings are to be believed the company might still include the new interface in its next reference motherboard design. The announcement is expected at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2010 later this month, according to DigiTimes, which points out that the move is expected to speed up adoption of USB 3.0 devices.

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Somehow I don't think my mouse has yet to utilize the full bandwidth of USB 2.0.

The only useful thing I could see buying is a external enclosure, as I am having issues with Windows 7 coming out of sleep and recognizing a eSATA drive, and the USB 2.0 speed leaves something to be desired. But I only use it for backups, so speed is not that essential.


Good, USB2 transfer speeds were the bane of my life at work, time for some speedy drives again :)


Unless you haven an enclosure full of RAIDed super speed SSD's, you will see no difference in performance with an external drive. lol