NFS Most Wanted LAN problem - can't create server

By blagus
Nov 14, 2009
  1. Hi, I'm new here, and I have one (irritating) problem in NFS MW. I connect wired/wireless (same in both cases) to my router (ZyXEL P660 HW-D3) and then I start the game, which works normally until i try to play on LAN (not internet). I try to create new server, but it says "There was a problem trying to start the LAN server."
    "Please check your network settings and try again."
    Everything is normal, I see other computer on network, NFS 5 and FarCry 2 WORKS on LAN but this *** don't. I use v1.3, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Retail. But it was happening on Win XP Pro x86 too!. Same happens on my both PCs, laptop and desktop, when connecting with cable and wireless. I tried to change "server.cfg" as explained in another post but without success.
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