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NFS prostreet patch error

By noscrazy · 6 replies
Dec 1, 2008
  1. Hi, i bought need for speed prostreet for pc on sunday in GAME. it installed ok, and i read on the internet about the new patch (1.1 i fount) and it had 2 new cars..

    So, ui decided to download it, and the game works fine, but nearly everytime after about 3-4 races in the loading screen it says:
    invalid URL

    And when it loads to the menu it goes off and then goes to the troubleshoot thing.

    i do not no what is up with the patch or game, i downloaded the patch off of nfsplanet.
    the patch name is: DLCPatchEuropeRelease_iso

    Need help!! i like the seat leon and i really want tot use it!!


    EDIT: its getting really annoying now. ive tried quite alot of different uk patches and its still doing the same thing. its doing it more often now! please help.

    c'mon ppl, surely theres someone out there that had the same prob but fixed it????

    Oh, now it is doing it after EVERY 1st race i do.. im really, really, anoyed now.
  2. Christian99

    Christian99 Banned

    Nothing to do with the problem. sorry I dont know anything about PC's. but what are the 2 cars?
  3. noscrazy

    noscrazy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the 2 cars are

    seat leon
    plymoth road runner

    i think it is sorted now as i went in regedit and i fount on the region it said USA.. so i downloaded the usa dvd patch and it seems to be working fine for now, but i will post if it does it again.

    Funny, i bought the game in the UK and the game is the usa version :S
    incase the egion doesnt show what games type it is the locale says en_GB i think
  4. Christian99

    Christian99 Banned

    lol! where did you get the patch?
  5. noscrazy

    noscrazy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i got the patch(s) from nfsplanet and other websites..

    btw: still doing the error but i didnt reinstalled it when i patched so im reinstallin now and post if it does it
  6. noscrazy

    noscrazy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    http://www.nfs-planet.de/nfsps_patch.php?lang=eng thats where i got the patch(s) from

    nope cant sort it, ill have to stick to v1.0 :( no more seat leon.

    it doesnt even start at all now wen i installed the usa patch. it starts says loading then troubleshoot. the lacale is en_gb i install uk/europe patchs it just does the same!!! please help soon ppl!
  7. spacecat9

    spacecat9 TS Rookie

    Need for speed Pro street patch links

    Need for speed Pro street (when using the links remove the space at the front and back ie h t t p. w w w. a s p x. etc.

    there are two patches available they are different sizes

    firstly the European patch link below is (232.76 mb) - very nice download speed too. (remove the aaaas

    h t t p://w w w.nfscars.net/file/view/prostreet/7639.a s p x - (i know its a us site don’t panic its the European patch and yes the file size listed on the page is wrong too.remove the aaaas

    and the American version (233.74 mb) in size that can be found at :

    h t t p://files.filefront.com/Need+for+Speed+ProStreet+v11+Patch+US+Retail/;9281367;/fileinfo.h t m l

    i live in AU and have found the euro patch is the one that work for me the other one keeps freezing up. The tokyo tracks are really good...WORKING PERFECT..
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