Nick Thomadis, aka 'Darthmod': When a modder goes on to make his own game

Julio Franco

TechSpot Editor
Staff member
Nick Thomadis, aka Darthmod, used to be one of the most celebrated modders in PC gaming. That was, until he walked away to go and make his own game. From scratch.

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TS Maniac
Looks great, I enjoy a good Civil War simulator. There hasnt been a decent one in a while. If he can do it well and better utilize modern PC processing power, a typical complaint against the Total War Games, then he could be very successful.

I hope he succeeds.


TS Addict
Good luck to him. Let's be honest it's not going to be hard for him to make a game better than CA's last bodged rushed out buggy mess of a game.


TS Evangelist
This reminds me of Sid Myers: Gettysburg, I LOVED that game growing up and this looks like a spiritual sequel. I hope the game is bigger then it appears tho.