NMI:memory pararity error

By Dusty585
Mar 8, 2010
  1. First i'd like to say hi all this is my first post on techspot my friend refered me here hoping you guys can assist me with a problem.

    I'll start by telling my specs
    Asus Striker extreme 680i SLI board
    2x MSI n9600GT's in sli SLot 1 Slot 3 1x MSI N8500gt(for physx and extra monitors) slot 2
    8gb's of pc6400(800mhz) kingston ddr 2 ram
    Intel core 2 quad Q9400
    Corsair 650watt TX psu 52amps +12
    Windows vista ultimate 64bit
    Sound blaster audigy ZS
    All temps are around 50 degree's underload Air cooling

    here is my problem when i watch movies or listen to music at random i will get an NMI Pararity error or 'Your system hardware has malfunctioned bluescreen CONTACT YOUR VENDOR!' ive run Memtest x86 and many software based memory testers for hours on end no errors found ive tried my ram in a differant machine and tested no problems ive run the Artifact test on my Gfx cards nothing wrong with those, ive maxed out my cpu by doing hours of conversions nothing goes wrong just gets warm (56 degree's average per core after 6 hours of max load), it only seems to happen when watching movies or listening to music via any media player

    Here are the things i have tried
    Reinstalling of windows
    All drivers are up to date
    Disabling SLI
    Taking out the 8500GT
    Taking out differant 9600Gt's
    Only using 1 monitor
    Using a higher end psu made no diff

    Any idea's anyone?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, English is not my primary language so please excuse my Grammatical errors
  2. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Which software you use to play your audio/videos/movies?

    Also can you please post your minidumps; they are located in C:\windows\minidump
    just zip them with winzip/7zip and post the file here.
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