Audio No audio at all from computer/headset/microphone after having computer cleaned of virus


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I had recently gotten help from one of the forum admins/tech support, Broni, to remove a powerful and horrible virus that kept playing ads in the background.

but now that its been removed, all my sound is not working on my PC. Rebooting the pc doesnt produce sound, clicking things doesnt produce sound, my headset doesnt produce sound, my microphone doesnt produce sound or transmit it, and videos, along with music on the pc doesnt produce sound.

It seems that all sound has stopped functioning :( I could use some help!


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Go to your computer manufacturers website, go to the support/download/driver page.

Select which operating system you have.

Go to the audio section, and download the file , run the EXE, restart your machine and sound should work.

It's probably a driver issue..


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Thanks dscales! I actually found the issue, it was something along those lines so your suggestion was very close :)

It was a problem with my HD audio deck not working, but it seems to be fixed now.
I consider this [until im proven wrong] fixed and the topic can be closed :) Thank you