No cut-paste of file/folder with other HDD partitions

Navin Talati

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My system has the configuration as under:

There are TWO hard drives as under:

sda = 250 GB HDD ---> Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Partitions are: [ (sda1 /boot 3 GB) + (sda2 / 140 GB) + sda3 swap 7 GB) + sda4 extended partition as sda5 100 GB) ]

sdb = 240 GB SSD ---> Windows 10

Normally system is operated through Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (so it is identified as “sda”)

I am a computer's non-technical, so may not be able to even represent the question/problem in an appropriate terms, but what happens is "am nerrating as under:

From Ubuntu hdd side, I can CUT or COPY any file or folder but CAN NOT PASTE on Windows 10 hdd side
(I.e. I mean PASTE remain Disabled on Win-10 side).
From Windows 10 hdd side, I can only COPY any file or folder and PASTE on Ubuntu hdd side, but can not CUT from Windows 10 hdd side (I.e. I mean CUT remains Disabled on Win-10 side).

I did lots of surfing along with my knowledge-limitation, and also tried the tweaks and tricks etc, but could not succeed...!

I need your valuable help so that I can achieve the previous situation - I.e. which was before installing Windows 10.

My question regarding "No cut-paste of file/folder with other HDD partitions" is mainly between these TWO existing hard drives. I am unable to edit any file in Windows 10 bearing SSD from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Please guide.
Navin Talati / 17-08-2021

Navin Talati

Posts: 74   +2
Someone's help in this regard (I.e. above #1) is requested. This is happening after installation of Windows 10. There were no issues like this with other earlier Windows versions.
I think may be there some settings in Windows 10 O.S. which I may not be knowing!
Help is requested.....Please.
Navin Talati / 02-09-2021