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By ronobono · 30 replies
Aug 2, 2008
  1. I have a IBM thinkpad A21e that i just got working the other day (thanx to help from here).. Anyway everything is fine except the reads that it has a Lucent Win Modem under modems in the device manager..but the ethernet part of it isnt working. The piece in the back is built together so i dont know why it would see one part of it and not the other? If anyone can tell me how to get the ethernet part working i would be very greatfull..
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Your Modem driver H E R E
    There are a few to choose from!
  3. ronobono

    ronobono TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    I dont know why i didnt put in my first post that i have tryed all the drivers i could find and it still wont work..I had also read online someone kinda had the same prob and they said they took there laptop apart and it wasnt seated in good..Well i did the same thing and it was in fine and it still wont work. I have no clue whats wrong here.
  4. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie

    You´re sure you really have Ethernet capability.

    IBM hat 3 different cards for that (and other) systems (to my knowledge)

    Modem only
    Ethernet/LAN only

    Maybe you could write what´s written on your card?

  5. ronobono

    ronobono TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    well its not a card i dont think..its buit in the back of the laptop..theres a slot for phone and right next to it on the smae piece is the ethernet slot..or at least thats what it looks like and i have pluged a ethernet cord into it and it fits fine..Maybe it aint but it looks like one..the little symbol above it has a little square with a slash in the middle and two little squares under it.
  6. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie


    you are right - the laptop will most definitly have a place where you can put your ethernet cord - but that doesnt mean it´s really active.

    Inside the laptop is a interchangeable card with the functions I mentioned above - that one determines wheter you have the capability to operate modem, Lan or both.

    I sold my A21 ages ago but I hope I remember the right place for that card.

    When you look at the bottom of your A21 there are some covers which you can remove - it´s only 1 or 2 screws each so you can´t make anything wrong - open the covers - remove them (either ground yourself before touching anything inside or try to avoid touching anything inside (not a problem) because static electricity could damage your laptop).

    You´ll see probably your RAM (small, lengthy cards - longer side with some pins where they connect to the mainbord) - the one you are looking for looks the same - but is only half the length and is at least as high as long (hope I am not too confusing).

    Write down what you can read (maybe the information is placed on a folded piece of plastic - you can unfold it - don´t worry about static e. - it´s plastic) - and drop me a line or look for yourself on the internet - then you can determine what card you have and what´s possible.

    Cheers, Engin
  7. LookinAround

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    A couple things just to make sure the basics are clear. Correct me if anything is otherwise.
    1. The rear panel has one modem RJ11 (female) connector and one ethernet RJ45 (female)connector
    2. The modem cable has an RJ11 male jacks on both ends
    3. The ethernet cable has an RJ45 male jack on both ends.
    4. The male connectors on ethernet and modem cables look similar and can somtimes be confused except:
      • The ethernet RJ45 jack is wider then the modem RJ11 jack
      • The modem RJ11 jack is often inserted into the ethernet connector because of similar shape and being smaller it slides in
      • However, you can't put the larger R45 jack into the ethernet jack
    So are you sure you are trying to use the right cable with the right jack?
  8. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie

    As to ronobo´s description he has used the right slot for sure but still - haven´t thought about the basics :)
  9. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie

    Sorry, it´s ronobono of course
  10. kimsland

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    Damn page was cached! You probably saw nothing (haven't checked till now- sorry)

    Try this page:
    Install the ActiveX
    Then download all your drivers

    Actually if that doesn't work, this will:
    Press Auto Detect This System button
  11. ronobono

    ronobono TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    Well i found the modem card you was talking about..not really sure what to write but here we go...IBM PCI modem with voice ..complies with part 68. on the side it says this ibm pci modem with voice may be connected to the telecom network ..i dont see any little plastic piece..i do see a little sticker that says industry canada 349 9677 a .. Sorry if this is not the right info get back to and let me know if i need to put more. thanx for the replys
  12. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie


    it seems as it is really only a card with modem capability - I tried to find a old card of mine for comparison - it is a modem only card too (from IBM):

    Things we could check on your card would be:
    Model: (J07.017.C.00) - on the sticker
    IBM P/N: (08K3251) - on the sticker
    FRU P/N: (08K3252) - on the other side on a small sticker

    in () is the data I have on my card.

    These are basically the IBM Part Number and the Model Number of the manufacturer (in my case Ambit. Sorry for not being clear what Nr.´s would be needed - I totally forgot that they write all that stuff on these stickers.

    If it´s really a Modem-only card changing it is quite simple - you can get a replacement (at least on eBay Germany) for around $3 if I remember right.

    By the way - I meant this sticker, my fault, I am not a native speaker :)

    Cheers, Engin
  13. ronobono

    ronobono TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    ok heres what mine says...Fru P/N: 08k338 (on front sticker).

    FCC Reg.No 4U6JPN-27205-MM-E (front sticker).

    back sticker with IBM logo is P/N:27L4988

    by model it only says Model:IBM Modem with vocie

    under that is Type approval # 7-4012-0-98004(April 1999)
    Permission # 13-4012-0-98005(April 1999).

    thats all the numbers i can find on front and the back.
  14. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

  15. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie

    The modem driver isn´t the problem - it´s that the laptop is missing Ethernet capabilities - Or I am completly wrong?
  16. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie


    so I did a quick search. Your card is really Modem only - so even if you have physically an ethernet port at the back of your laptop it currently can´t work.

    If you need/want to use Ethernet - connect your laptop to a network - DSL/Cable/whatsoever device for Internet and so on you have 2 choices:

    - buy an internal card which has either ethernet or ethernet/modem capabilites
    - buy an external card for your pcmcia-slot when you don´t use it currently - this can be either Ethernet or WLAN (if you have the possibility to go wireless)

    All of these options aren´t really that expensive - I personally (when WLAN isn´t needed) would go for the interal solution as I don´t like to have another part stick out my laptop which can e.g. break apart and so on.

    Hope I was able to help you :-D
  17. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Post 1 says network
    Last post says Modem (via P/n)

    The card is both Network and Modem
    The driver should have both parts

    The real issue is, the driver site has more than 1 driver, in this case I usually try all until it works.
    But, they also have a scan option available (ActiveX pluggin)
    I believe this will pick up the exact hardware devices, but presently unknown :confused:
  18. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie

    Hi kimsland,

    are your sure - all the link´s I have found - including the one you stated for the spare part hint that this is an modem only card.

    I am quite sure I am right but maybe you can show me a link where it states that the card has also ethernet/Network capabilities.

    Cheers, Engin
  19. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

  20. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie

    Modem + Fax = Combo?

    says IBM LENOVO THINKPAD LAPTOP NOTEBOOK 56K MINI PCI FAX MODEM -L-M2 (no shouting intended - just copy paste :)

    Sorry but I am still not convinced :p

    Anyway - we are here to get a solution - ronobono - have you tried the drivers - does your ethernet work now.

    By the way, I think I forgot one basic test - when you plug in your ethernet cord (both sides must be connected (so the other side on a router/DSL-device/...) there could (not necessarily) be two lights - one green (could be always on or flashing) - this could maybe tell you if the card is connected or not

    Cheers, Engin
  21. ronobono

    ronobono TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    yeh im pretty sure now that its only modem..i had tryed all the drivers more than once from the site..About doing the scan on the laptop i cant do a scan because i cant get online with it..I have cable internet and no phone line so i cant use the dail up part.. And about the grren lights they dont blink or light up when i plug in the ethernet wire.

    Also when i took out the modem piece to look at it i had to unplug a little wire from it I also noticed at that point that there was another fatter wire next to that one not plugged in..Im thinking maybe that this bigger wire might be for the ethernet part but on the modem thats in it now theres no slot for it to go in..I think im just going to have to buy a new modem for it.

    Thanks for all the help everyone.:)
  22. master-wu

    master-wu TS Rookie

    The smaller wire is for modem tone/sound if I am not mistaken - the bigger one not necessarily for ethernet but it´s likely.

    Anyway, as I wrote before - another card isn´t that expensive (especially on eBay) - I would recommend the internal card (maybe a ethernet only internal card is cheaper than a combo (modem/lan) - as you don´t need a modem you could look out for that too.

    Cheers, Engin
  23. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    You do realize that this is a driver issue, not a hardware issue?

    It might be easier to take it to someone with a bit more knowledge about ethernet and modems.
    What they'll do is download every single driver for all the modems and Lan and combos stated.
    Then copy it all to a USB flash
    Then go to Device Manager and start updating them, until one works!
    That's about it
    In my opinion, half an hours work (especially seeming I've provided the links)
    Anyway, they'll then test with their known working ethernet cable, and that's it.

    To explain on a level of one is fatter than the other, may be too difficult I feel.


    Oh I waited a few mins just to say another important point.

    It's a software driver issue
    No need to purchase any more hardware, it's a complete laptop, nothing to add!
  24. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    1. Kimsland: When i first looked up the Thinkpad Model i saw the modem and Ethernet ports on its chassis. But as far as the internal card, I have to agree that from all i found looking up the IBM part number its just a fax modem card. There's no indication of network support. What hardware reference do you see stating "combo"? Could someone have used the combo word as its fax modem card?
    2. ronobono: If the card is in your computer when you start, go to Device Manager. Look through the list, in general, but at these entries (in particular). If an entry exists report back the device ID returned by Device Manage
      • Any devices listed under Modems?
      • Any devices listed under Network?
      • Anything listed as Unknown Device? (has a yellow question mark shown)
  25. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    I'm talking about the software drivers, not the Hardware
    All the drivers say Net/Modem Driver Combo
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