No Internet access, can't download software to clean virus

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Sep 24, 2009
  1. Looks like I have some really nasty virus. (Won't let me run programs...says: insufficent system resources). I can't perform the 8-step removal b/c Internet doesn't work (can't turn on firewall which was turned off by the virus, or download CCleaner). On top of that, I want to back up some files in case I have to reformat as a last resort but when I go to safe mode, the administator log in pops up and asks for a password. XP was factory-installed and I don't have a password. Tried clicking ok but keeps asking for password. Tried Ctrl-Alt-Dlt which brought me to a login with Adminstrator and a password already entered but when I clicked OK, didn't work. Tried entering my own username (which I never set up with a password) but still asks for a password. I have access to safe mode through another user's login id but no access to my own files that I want to back up. All I was able to do at this point was a disk clean up of my C drive and run avira (which I had) that detected some warnings (C: The file could not be opened; could not find any compatible Direct 3D devices) but no viruses.

    Do I have any other options at this point? I have a laptop with wireless access through a router so my Internet works but not on my desktop. Sigh. I've been at it for a few days and I'm wearing thin.

    Help someone?
  2. Tmagic650

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    See if you can use System Restore to restore Windows back to an earlier time
  3. ThexDarksider

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    1) My suggestion would be NOT to use system restore, as most malware uses it for hiding and jumping back onto the system.

    2) If you can, use another computer to download all programs required to complete 8 steps and burn them onto a CD, then try to run them on the infected system.

    If everything else fails, I suggest you install another copy of windows on another partition and run all of the programs there (but be careful NOT TO run anything from the old system, as it is maybe infected!!!) I personally did that when my registry got 100% completely deleted for no reason.

    Another thing you could do is take the hard drive out of your computer and plug it into another computer and then do 8 steps, but again, don't even TOUCH any of the files on the infected hard drive as it may spread even further and that will do you no good.
  4. smileyface

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    Battle of the trojans

    Thanks all. Had 4 trojans but my network is no longer functioning. Have to reformat windows but I did not lose any files. Off to the store to buy an external hard drive.
  5. almcneil

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    You mean you re-installed Windows without reformating. That will save your personal files.

    You might have been able to save your installation but it would have been a lot of work and no guarantee of success. The downside to a Windows re-install is you now must re-install all your programs and setup your account all over again.

    -- Andy
  6. ThexDarksider

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    After you get your external hard drive, backup your documents and important stuff (but not any EXEs or COMs or other executables, even DLLs) and reformat your old disk so you can use it again. I wish you luck. :)
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