No Internet on Boot Camped Windows Vista

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Dec 11, 2008
  1. My laptop (Mac Book Pro) is running Leopard, and I recently installed windows vista on it.. BUT, my windows Vista cannot use the internet.. anyone know how to fix it?
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    Also - make sure that after you install Vista you put your Leopard disk in the drive and get the bootcamp driver set. After that you should have networking - then update the driver pack with the Bootcamp 2.1 update.
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    Got it!

    Thanks guys!
    The required file cal either be gotten from the CD, or downloaded for free from here:
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    Softpedia sucks. They're thieves, stealing bandwidth from legitimate websites, linking to other companies files hosted on other companies servers, while pounding you with advertisements.

    Just thought I'd add that, because theft by any name is still theft.
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