No Power to SATA hard drives

Sorry I must not have sent the last post correctly. I am new to this site. So I will try again.
I was getting ready to upgrade to bigger hard drive or drives. Before doing that, I needed to take the old hard drives out to obtain some information off the labels. I did so, and while they where out, I cleaned the Mounting slots a little better than using just air.
Having done that I re-installed them both. When I turned on the power button, the button lit up and the fans were running. But it does not seem that the hard drives are getting any power, as I can't hear or feel any thing. Plus the computer is not booting.
I don't recall unplugging anything other than the two hard drives. But I also notice that I have a short cable bundle with two white plugs with three pins and one empty pin hole. on the other end a black connection with with five connector slots with one middle on blank.
That makes me think that I unplugged the power to the hard drive someplace along the ling. As I have a wire bundle that has two SATA power connectors. that are plugged in. But their are three white female plugs marked P4, P5. and P6 which are not connected to anything in that wire bundle. I don't know at this point if the power comes through that bundle from the power source. Of if I do not have the power plugged into the lope.

I hope that somebody can help me figure this out, and let me know if I burnt out the hard drives and have to start over with my recover disk reloading windows 7 and going from there.
How would I close this post out. Dumb me had the monitor plugged into an unused VGA port. It only took me two and a half days to figure that out. I wanted to let others know to check and see if they have everything plugged in where it should be. Including the VGA or other monitor cables.