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By Militia Man
Mar 10, 2009
  1. ok... recently ive had problem with my processor getting too hot. my computer was still operable, but whenever i was burning cds or doing multiple tasks on the computer it would begin to make a buzzing sound and eventually just shut down. so i bought arctic silver for the processor and that helped my problem for about a month, then the buzzing and overheating came back again even worst than before. so i came to the conclusion that i just needed a brand new processor. i bought a new processor and installed it along with the new fan it came with. now when i turn the computer on, the on lights come on, the fans are working too. but usually my computer beeps when i turn it on and it doesnt beep anymore. and my monitor is saying "no signal". before i installed my new processors, i could still boot up properly and do things on the computer, but now i cant do anything. while installing my new processor, are there any mistakes that could have been made to cause all of these new problems?
  2. kimsland

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    It may be the CPU Fan. Just try plugging in the original fan and then turn it back on
    If it works, change over the fan

    Also confirm that your Motherboard supports that CPU by checking your Motherboard support page (some info on that h e r e)

    And lastly check here: Have a read here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
    There is also a link at the bottom of that guide for "Reseating your CPU"

    Probably just the fan though ;)
  3. schoolTechi

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    To build on what Kimsland said, I often find that the reason a computer starts the fans but doesn't beep is because the RAM has been knocked loose. It can happen easily. Just check that the RAM and any other wires from other components are pushed in properly.
  4. Tedster

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    check out the bios beep guide in the guides forum. obviously there is a hardware problem

    if your system overheated, it could have also damaged the ram.

    reseat EVERYTHING and reboot. test your ram with memtest 86+. test your PSU with a tester tool and multimeter under LOAD.
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