No sound and all updated drivers are installed,ThinkPad IBM T42 labtop

By elunico
Jun 17, 2010
  1. Hello,

    I have a IBM Think Pad T42 laptop with Win XP sp3 installed and i don't have any audio.
    I use to have win 7 but then one day after turning the PC off i got en error message ¨no ADI codec is installed¨ i tried everything and nothing worked... i also looked it up on Google (they know it at) and i see cases like this but no results and top of that most of the people don't have there drivers i do and win is telling me that its working fin... so, i seed its win 7.... that's when i installed win XP and the same issue came up only this time i was able to get the error code off... now win claims that every things working fine but i still don't have audio...

    I got a DxDiag attached for better assistance

    Please HELP

    If any more info is needed then please feel free to ask

    PS. im new at this

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