Audio No sound from X-FI after fresh Win7-64 install on RAID 0


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I recently added a 3rd hard drive to my computer so I could put my two existing HDs in RAID 0 and still have a back up drive. I cloned my main drive to my new backup drive and did a fresh Windows 7 64-bit install on the new RAID array. I've been able to get all my hardware working except for my CreativeLabs ExtremeMusic SB0460 soundcard. I've gotten it to work a few brief times but I can't figure out what driver and control panel versions I used to make it work before, I just remember it being a long process of searching online before I found an answer that worked for me. Is there anyway to find out what versions I have on my backup HD since it has the correct driver and control panel versions on it?

Here's a description of my actual soundcard problem:

When I try play something in media player there is no sound the progress bar doesn't move, if I watch a youtube video the progress bar moves but I still get no sound, and I have no system sound either. My on-board audio when enabled works perfectly.

My on-board audio is disabled in the bios, the X-FI shows up in device manager and appears to be installed correctly with the latest drivers for win7-64, I get clicks from my speakers when installing the drivers, and I have tried completely uninstalling the card and re-installing it as an admin, but I still don't get any sound.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.