No vga signal, unknown problem

By fortuna88
Jan 20, 2009
  1. I have a Compaq presario SR2000 here, the video signal just cut out while running windows Xp media centre 2005. It is very possible that the computer has downloaded destructive software, but I am unsure as the root to the problem. It was using it's on board vga, I put an Nvidia 8400gs into it although still no signal is reaching the monitor.

    I think it is one of two problems, either the onboard vga isn't working and bios are hardset to onboard vga, and the computer isn't trying to run the graphics card (I did remove the cmos battery to try and reset it hoping it would change to automatic rather than being hardset to the onboard).

    Orelse it is a problem with the motherboard, which I can immagine can bring a lot of new troubles.

    I do not know very much about computers, I apologise if the information I'm giving here is useless but it is what I have made of the problem thus far. I have tried using tested and working monitors, cables and the graphics card i put in definately works. So please any help will be appreciated, and lets hope I don't have to replace the mobo!

    Cheers guys, Chris
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