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Dec 13, 2008
  1. recently ask for help in selecting a additional video card for my gateway gt-5676 with integrated ati graphics.

    the ati based cards I have been considering are the asus HD 4670 and 4650, but I have been reading reviews that indicate they may be noisy.

    are the asus cards noisier than other brands and if so can you suggest a quiet brand of card that is compatible with my integrated ati / crossfire chip and will measure up to the asus hd 4670

    whats your take on the noise emitted, my tower sits next to the monitor and i don't want this thing driving me nuts.
    Thank you for your time
  2. direwolf007

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  3. N2Abyss

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    Thanks direwolf007
    this is exactly what I have been searching for
    I have never heard of PowerColor are they as good as ASUS?
    Also do you know if they offer the 4670?
  4. direwolf007

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    I first tried to find you a Silent HD4670, but found none. Doesn't mean they do not exist, but I didn't find any. There are other silent card options, there is a Gigabyte HD4850 on newegg which uses a silent cooler (You can probably use it as a BBQ as well, since it will be HOT), but that might be overkill if you don't intend to game (much). There are nVidia cards like a silent Gigabyte GeForce 9600GT (I have one of those in one of my plethora of rigs), but you want to Hybrid CrossFire so they aren't really an option for you.

    I have a Powercolor HD2600XT 256MB GDDR4 card in another rig that I picked up on ebay. The card is slightly over a year old and I haven't had a single problem with it in the several months I've had it.
  5. N2Abyss

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    Thanks a bunch direwolf007
    I may just give the powercolor a try, I'm sure the 4650 will be fine for what I do.
    Thanks again for all your help!
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