Nokia Lumia sales likely topped 1 million in 2011

Shawn Knight

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Early estimates indicate that Nokia likely sold 1.3 million Lumia handsets globally by the end of 2011. Sales figures aside, the data is great news for all involved as Nokia…

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Well that just goes to show you, if you market crap, it will sell.


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Guest said:
Well that just goes to show you, if you market crap, it will sell.
Yeah, cause the award givers at CES were marketed to... all 13 of them. Clearly, they should have come to you first for the real scoop cause you've got so much street cred, "Guest".


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burty117 said:
Has any of the above Guests actually used one of these? Actually don't answer that...
I don't think so as such they used many smartphones with different operating systems ........


yep if you market crap it sure sells.....i mean come on look at the iphone :)))


on January 24, 2012
1:09 PM

Good luck to all those who bought one.

I'm using a Nokia Lumia 800, ..not that I'm a Windows Fan Boy. (but, Yes! I have always loved Nokia Hardware)

I must say it been better then the Android and iPhone4 I recently used.

The credit not only goes to Nokia for sleek design on a perfect hardware, ...but I just realized the Windows Phone is an Amazing OS! ...the Touch is much smooter then any other smartphone out there. It's simply fast and has a Great Design. MUST use one.'ll Love the LIVE Tiles.

I'm Very Impressed with what I have.

If this is the 1st product from Microsoft-Nokia Partnership, ...i think these guys will go a long way.