Nokia N8 smartphone starts shipping, with the Symbian^3 OS


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Nokia has started shipping its N8 smartphone. The company has announced the first Nokia N8 devices have left the factories in Finland and China and are now making their way to dozens of operators around the world in tens of different languages. First recipients will be those who set up pre-orders; the N8 has had the highest number of pre-orders for any Nokia device. The Finnish company has promised that the first lucky users will be unboxing their Nokia N8 before the weekend, while others can expect to be re...

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but its high-end hardware and multimedia oriented features
Key Words up there are High End Hardware. This is the reason most people want a Nokia Phone. Along with EXCELLENT cell signal pick up characteristics. I don't know why they keep trying to support Symbian. I hope it dies a quick and painful death. And it will. I forsee Windows Mobile in their future given the new CEO. If they were smart they would support both Android 2.2 and Windows Mobile as soon as possible. Give consumers the right hardware with the latest Operating Systems. But not. Let's go and develop an OS that no one gives a damn about.


"Unfortunately for the N8, it's not very appealing to invest your money in a device that sports a dying OS, but its high-end hardware and multimedia oriented features should keep you occupied."

This phone seems to tick all the right boxes, it certainly has the features to be competitive with iPhone. Why did Nokia chose a dying OS for this phone? Thats like buying a new PC but getting Windows Vista x86!