Nokia X, X+ and XL launched at MWC, all running forked Android


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Yes, Nokia has launched a series of Android devices at MWC 2014, as expected from numerous leaks in the lead up to today's press conference. The low-cost devices are running a forked version of Android laden with Microsoft services, as...

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Well this sounds like it will suck.

I'm not sure if there are better handsets at that price point since I don't have access to 'muricas market but... android running on a dual 1 ghz proc at 512 mb is slow and stuttering and as much as I hate the idea of no google services, those will be on custom roms all around so no biggie (I hope for their sake).

Still... sounds pretty sucky.


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I like the 120$ price tag, converted locally to about 6000php at 1$=50 Philippine pesos.
the main drawback is the OS.
the local competition (Samsung, cherry mobile) already offers many models running android 4.xx OS at the 100-120$ price in the Philippines.
the new nokia models running this consumer-untested forked android OS is a large gamble and IMHO, nokia should also release fully unlocked android 4.xx models.

as I see it (and I don't even pretend to know anything about its deal with Microsoft), nokia is now a subsidiary of Microsoft corporation.
so, is the nokia move legal or ethical?
also, is this microsoft's way of saying "if we can't defeat them, we should join them!" ?


They should watch out for the Moto G. In the US the G can be gotten for as little as $99 on Verizon. Not sure exactly how the X+ and XL stack against the G in specs but I'm thinking the Moto G has the advantage. That and stock Android.


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LOL, a Metro-fied Android w/o Google services vs. stock Android devices with same specs and same or cheaper price?? Oh, Microkia..


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A bold move, perhaps showing direction to other Android OEMs, provided if they want to solidify their profitability in the longer run. Amazon has done it successfully, so who can be the next? Can it be Samsung? Or will they continue to do the donkey work for Google .......


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I still think these were started before the buyout from Microsoft was official, instead of wasting all that time and money and throwing the project out I think they came to this compromise. They were still gonna be android but they were gonna be very Microsoft based, honestly I don't get the point of them, and I honestly don't think nokia will release them in the USA or Western Europe, were Nokia already has budget windows phones at the same price point and with similar features.