Norton Protected Recycle Bin and phantom file

Jun 20, 2005
  1. I've searched around a lot of Norton forum topics, and while I may have missed it, I haven't seen this problem before:

    I run Win98SE w/ Systemworks 2003 Pro. When trying to empty the recycle bin and/or empty all protected files and/or erase the bin (with Eraser), Norton insists it cannot delete "DE24". I know this naming convention indicates it is a once-deleted file, but I think it's a phantom.

    I have tried various combinations of enabling/disabling Protection; setting global and/or independent Bin settings (I have three partitions); I've wiped the swapfile and all free space on all partitions clean; etc. I've tried deleting NPROTECT.LOG. Nothing works, Norton still insists there is a file named "DE24" which cannot be gotten rid of. Nothing with this name appears in any known folder/file/registry key.

    The only thing I have not done in uninstall/reinstall any part of Systemworks, because that's a PITA.

    Any info? THX JLJ
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