Recycle Bin Weirdness

By luvhuffer
Jun 23, 2013
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  1. OK so I was moving around a lot of large files. Then I emptied the recycle bin. I then opened Defraggler to defrag my partitions (I have 9). On my I partition I kept getting recycle bin files showing up. And I mean big files. 9GB's worth. Went back to the desktop the recycle bin was empty. Went into folder options to expose system files. Opened the recycle Bin folder on I. There were 15 files labeled Recycle Bin. They all were empty. Rebooted into safe mode, still empty. Rebooted back. A bit T'd off by then I opened properties on the Recycle Bin Folder on I and went to the security tab and took ownership of it and all sub folders etc. in the damn thing. Still empty. Went down the list of files checking the right click options which showed empty recycle bin? as greyed out, then hit properties of each one till mid way down I hit one that showed the size as 10.3GB's Opened it up, empty! So anyway of all the files in the folder there was one with the little lock on the file. I deleted the rest which it wouldn't let me do before I took ownership, then the file with the lock let me empty it. Can some one explain what just happened cause I don't have a clue. All the other partitions had one Recycle Bin folder with one file inside with a lock on it except my F partition which didn't have a folder just the file with the lock but all the rest were empty. Oh ya one last thing. I have my max recycle bin files set to 8GB's so there shouldn't even have been 10GB's in there.
  2. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    Don't know, but moral of the story: not using Shift + Delete and having a billion partitions leads to weird things. :(
  3. gbhall

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    Looks like you should get CHKDSK /F on your case. After a lengthy run of that (at reboot) you might well find, when using windows explorer at the root of C:\ one or more files FOUND.0000 etc.

    (Suspect you have recyle bins on different partitions cross-linked)

    Repeat on every partition. Most you will be able to do without a reboot first as soon as your PC starts.
  4. ravisunny2

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    Could bootup with a linux live cd and cleanup.

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