Nothing, not even fans

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Jan 30, 2009
  1. sorry, don't mean to be lame

    Worse batch of problems I have ever had, now the fans won't even come on.
    New case, hd, psu, used MoBo, cpu, ram. Started out it would boot, installed xp, lots of read errors from cd during install, retry retry retry. Got it running and lots of wierd stuff, like download files disappeared, video card not recognized by folding software but working fine video wise and ran folding with vista two weeks ago on another box.
    Formatted to try again from the beginning.
    Switched cd burner to hopefully eliminate read errors during a fresh install.
    Then nothing, not even fans will come on. Switched out psu to another new one, still no fans. Tried another 120V power cable. Reset cmos, still nothing, no fans.
    Disconnected cd, still nothing, no fans.
    Gosh darn box has got the best of me, and has me frustrated. Was suspecting the wd hd may have been bad, but now I am lost.
    Anyone into a marathon trubleshoot with an old guy too frustrated to think straight anymore ?
  2. raybay

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    Sounds like a motherboard problem or a CPU not properly seated or has none or too much thermal paste.
  3. Tedster

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    did you test the psu with a tester tool?
  4. JoeZeee

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    Not sure what a "tester tool" is. Perhaps a multimeter aka digital volt-ohm meter.
    Tried two separate power supplies. Still nothing, not even fans. Tried power switch and reset switch both to the mobo pwr switch pins, still nuttin. Tested both switches for operation with multimeter, both were good. Tried a different cpu, same problem. Tested both psu's by shorting green to blk and they both power up. Final conclusion after many frustrating hours is the motherboard died. Seller swore up and down "board was as good as the day he bought it". I think he believed it, also think he is an honest person. No visible burn or short marks noticeable. My best guess is shipping the board with the nice big cpu cooler still mounted and the nasty cold weather may have damaged it. Shipping box showed no damage and they contents appeared to have been well secured/packed in crumpled paper. Suggestion, don't ship a mobo with cpu & cooler mounted, or have one shipped to you that way.
    Any comments, about agreement or disagreement welcome. Hope this can help others.
  5. kimsland

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