Nslookup: DNS request timed out recurring problem

By Scathez
Sep 21, 2011
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  1. While browsing the internet there is a spontaneous occurrence that results in the considerable slow down of the loading time for webpage requests; all websites start to load much slower. Doing nslookup results in a DNS request timed out. A system restart solves the problem for about 12-36 hours, and then this occurs again. I am running windows vista on an HP dv6700 laptop and connected through wifi to a belkin home router. I have another system that has a wired connection to that router and also running Vista without any problems.

    I ask for some advice from the network knowledgeable part of the community as to what could possible cause this and how to resolve this. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. jobeard

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  3. Scathez

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    Thank you for your time and your assistance.

    I have followed the Microsoft guide that you linked and disabled IPv6. Also did "ipconfig /registerdns" in cmd. I will wait several days and report if the problem has been fixed or not.
  4. Scathez

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    So far I haven't had any more nslookup issues. Looks like it has been fixed.

    Thank you again.

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