NTLDR Repair

By Poppa Bear
Oct 21, 2008
  1. How to use the WinXP CD Recovery Console to repair the NTLDR file when it's corrupted or missing.

    First reboot the system from your XP CDROM.

    Then when prompted select the option to enter the recovery console by typing R.

    Select the installation to be repaired, eg 1 or 2 or 3 etc, followed by the administrator password, if you have one.

    Type Fixboot and answer yes to the prompt.

    Set the prompt cursor to the letter of your CDROM drive by typing: X: \ and then enter, where X is the drive letter of your CDROM.

    If you're not sure which directory is your CDROM drive, select each drive, one by one by using the {drive letter}: \ command and then type "dir" at the command prompt and then "enter". eg D: \ and enter. Then dir and enter.

    Once the cursor is set to your CDROM drive, type in the following commands and leave all spaces eactly as they appear here:

    Remember X is the letter of your CDROM drive.

    X: \attrib -h ntldr
    X: \attrib -s ntldr
    X: \attrib -r ntldr
    X: \attrib -h ntdetect.com
    X: \attrib -s ntdetect.com
    X: \attrib -r ntdetect.com
    copy X:\i386\ntldr C:\
    copy X:\i386\ntdetect.com C:\

    For example, if your CDROM drive was the E drive, a command would look like this: E:\>E: \attrib -h ntldr where the cursor prompt is E:\>

    Notice that when you type the two "copy" commands, there is no "X: \" prefix before the "copy" command.

    Type "Exit" to leave Recovery Console, remove the XP CD and Reboot your PC.
  2. aburnz

    aburnz TS Rookie

    poppa bear, an easy alternative would be to re-installl windows all together.

    * your computer will run smother
    * it will fix your current problem

    * you must re-install some drivers and programs

    This is an extreme answer to your problem, but its my way of fixing a typical m$ problem with the added bonus of windows running smoother. I simply dont have the time anymore to sit down and sort out the 'nitty gritties'.

    I dont neccesarily recommend this procedure, but if you are out of options go for it. It fixed my problem with the NTLDR prob.

    Good Luck!!

  3. CCT

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