Number of games installed

By rliu
Jan 10, 2009
  1. Hello I was wondering what's the maximum number of games people have installed on their computers? I have a laptop with 2.4 GHZ T8300 dual core processor, 320GB hard drive with 164 remaining and 4GB RAM and I have installed 8 games. When will the point come when performance will be affected, if at all?
  2. CCT

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    'When will the point come when performance will be affected, if at all?'

    There should not generally be a problem with adding any amount of games, since all you are talking about when not playing them is storage, up until you run out of disk space.

    Note: run out of disk space would NOT necessarilly be 0 remaining since you MUST have some hd space for virtual ram (swap file) and this, if system administered, can grow or shrink during a session. Also, you would want to keep some room for defrag operations.
  3. omegafate

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    i had about 6 games installed on a 160 gb hd

    mainly crysis,the orange box w/ l4d,ut3

    i had about 40 gb left i dropped crysis and my performance boosted

    it also has to do with how big your hd is and or if u have a secondary really


    personally laptops in my opinion are not really made for gaming regardless whats in them
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