Nvidia 185.85 driver problem for MSI 9800GT

By shoeseat
May 17, 2009
  1. Hello to all,
    I recently downloaded the latest driver for my MSI 9800GT.Then i run the setup and the computer restarted after insrallation.Then i got this corrupted graphics(default color 4 bit) after restart.This also happened when i installed previuos driver 182.xx.Can someone tell me what's the right steps to install this driver cause i think the first time i install it,it will uninstall my previous driver.So i have again install the driver.
    However i went to control panel and there was still nvidia driver.So i uninstalled it and the install thenew 185.85 driver.After the restart i went to settings to change the resolution but i couldn't find my monitor (19" samsung) native resl 1440X900.I then saw in monitor settings that there i found out that the checkbox "hide modes that this monitor does supprt is disabled".So i am really confused what went wrong.I tried other resolutions but they are really crap,texts and my screen are blur so i can't use other resolutions.I had to resinstall my old driver 182 which is supporting 1440X900.
    Do someone know what went wrong?or what's the correct steps to install nvidia driver cause i am really fustrated with this driver installation.I am running win XP 32-bit.Please guide me.Thankx in advance
  2. Tmagic650

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    You say you are running XP 32-bit, but you show a dual boot with Vista Ultimate in your system specs... Does this video driver issue show in the Vista boot?
  3. shoeseat

    shoeseat TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

    Thankx for the interest.I have removed the vista way back,just didn't updated my spec.But today i insatlled Win 7 RC and downloaded 185.85 driver for win 7.Then installed it but their isn't 1440X900 res to select.I searched on google about my problem and in one of the forum one was saying that 185.85 doesn't have 1440X900 res. to select?Have anyone installed this driver?is this really true that this version doesn't have 1440X900 res. to select?

    How can Nvidia forget this native res. for most common 19" display man.Is it really missing or something wrong with my computer.

    Oo i forgot to mention one thing.Intel too missed 1440X900 res. in their driver for my G31 MB when i didn't have 9800GT.i posted that problem here few month back https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic111502.html.i had to search days to finally get a solution for that one.

    Is 1440X900 that bad that they dont want to include them in the driver?My Win 7's default driver has the choice to select 1440X900 then why dont nvidia?

    Also why other reslotutions look crap((blurry) in my monitor except 1440X900?
  4. shoeseat

    shoeseat TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 87

    Strange that no one got this problem.However i sloved it by myself.I searched in web and found that you can ad custom resolution via Nvidia control panel>>Manage Custom Resolution.I then added mine 1440X900 60Hz.Now its working and my desktop is great looking.I have tried it in Windows 7 RC and will try it in Xp tomorrow.Hope it will work in Xp as well.
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