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Aug 15, 2008
  1. I have a new customer call me about an issue with their computer. Make a long story short I feel it is their video card. 1.They can get into safe mode 2.Also when I enable VGA mode I can start normally and get into windows. With that being said if I start normally I get to the Xp plash screen and then the light on the monitor starts to go from green to amber. Then the light is amber and the screen is black. I tried to install and reinstall the card/drivers and the same thing. So with the above is my assumption correct or should I do a reinstall of xp or a reformat? By the way the card is Nvidia 8911 AGP 8x 128ddr

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    Possibly a resolution set that can't be handled. In VGA mode set the resolution to the LCD/CRT default.

    Make sure diaplay properties shows ONLY resolutions that are supported.

    Worst case, uninstall the Nvidia drivers fromn Safe Mode, boot normally and then install latest.
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    I read your post. That was the first thing that I did. The xp splash screen up and the above would happen all over again. Now when I used the onboard video I could get right in. So with that said did I not do it right or should have I stayed in safe mode to do the reinstall.
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    If you could boot to the OS with onboard video but can't with the added card, then the card could be defective, not properly seated, etc.

    Are there any Bios settings that involve adding an AGP card ? IRQ settings ? Does the card need more powerful PSU?
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    This is what happened step by step
    1.computer is in safe mode and I could get to the desktop
    2.bios as agp or primary as far as integrated devices
    3.hit f8 and enabled vga mode and got to normal desktop
    4.removed and uninstalled drivers for agp video card
    5.reinstalled video card
    6.restarted computer loaded drivers and got to desktop
    7.bsod memory dump and nvid_dis (something close to that) error
    8.activated vga on board graphics card

    those are the steps I followed and until I tried to reinstall the agp drivers I would get the monitor light changing. It would go from green to amber until the monitor had just a blank screen with an amber light.
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    Well, you have chosen NOT to provide any motherboard info so I'm just random-shooting here.

    Remove the drivers from Add/Remove and reboot then click on the device in Device manager and 'update driver' using the Web.

    Also, there should be an ! or something beside the device. Click on it and find out the message.
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