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Nvidia confirms Pascal and Turing GPUs will co-exist, but not compete

By LemmingOverlrd · 32 replies
Sep 10, 2018
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  1. During the recent Citi Global Technology Conference, Nvidia's CFO, Colette Kress, confirmed what many in the tech media have been mulling about since the Turing announcement: the co-existence of two generations of Nvidia GPU architectures.

    According to the exec, for the remainder of the year, Turing-based RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 or RTX 2070 cards will be sold side by side with 10-series GTX cards. The company seems to justify this strategy by placing the performance of Turing front and center and charging through the nose for it: "We will be selling probably for the holiday season, both our Turing and our Pascal overall architecture. Remember, Turing is a leap forward in terms of overall capabilities. The performance improvement is much greater than the overall price."

    The fact remains that Turing has a hefty price tag that puts it in an entire category of its own. As long as Nvidia can drive the idea that its performance obliterates Pascal, the Turing chips will not compete with Pascal, and the company can gradually sell off its excess 10-series inventory.

    Kress also made a bold claim which ended up sounding like she'd been hitting the company's kool aid, hard. When asked for an apples-to-apples comparison of Pascal vs. Turing, she said "We will likely see a 2x improvement without even dealing with overall ray-tracing on your existing games in terms of existing performance."

    Despite a lot of talk about the performance on the Turing cards, there Nvidia has been very silent about its mid-range and entry-level 20-series cards. During the conference, Kress never spilled the beans on a launch date for these, but her comments made it sound a lot like the remainder of the Turing line-up is not ray tracing-enabled. "The cards will come out. We'll start with the ray tracing cards. We have the 2080 Ti, the 2080 and the 2070 overall coming to market." If this is indeed the case, Nvidia is likely to only launch these cards when they've cleared the channel of Pascal.

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  2. deemon

    deemon TS Addict Posts: 290   +89

    I am wondering... if 2080 Ti is barely pulling 30fps @ 1080p with RTX on, then could we even consider 2080 and 2070 (15fps @ 1080p?) even being worth called really RTX cards?
  3. alabama man

    alabama man TS Guru Posts: 563   +355

    Ray-tracing is just a gimmick for a while but if this quote "We will likely see a 2x improvement without even dealing with overall ray-tracing on your existing games in terms of existing performance." has any merit I will buy one. Still waiting for benchmarks and reviews, I don't know why anyone would pre-order these with no info unless they were independent reviewers.
    Sausagemeat likes this.
  4. Lounds

    Lounds TS Addict Posts: 184   +113

    Ok Nvidia, sell everything on hype and lies... Guaranteed they lunch a new card end of next year that's 7nm.
  5. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 3,900   +3,343

    It's either buy the 2080 Ti or forget Ray Tracing. Those cards simply don't have enough RT power to do an impactful amount of RT.

    That quote has zero merit. Nvidia have previously shown slides with a 25-35% increase in a few games they cherry picked. Funny part about Ray Tracing is some of the effects it does, like global illumination, have already been done using regular rasterization methods at a fraction of the processing cost.
    JaredTheDragon likes this.
  6. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,448   +864

    I'm waiting for reviews before I go head hunting.
  7. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,448   +864

  8. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,448   +864

    lol Thanks for the laugh!
    But the last time I checked, new technologies were new...
  9. Xabi Granja

    Xabi Granja TS Member Posts: 23   +19

    This is what happens when there is no competition. Shame.
  10. Lew Zealand

    Lew Zealand TS Guru Posts: 582   +475

    If/when I buy a 20x0 card, it will be for a regular FPS boost over a similarly priced 10x0 card. I'm looking for higher performance, not lower thanks to ray tracing.
    LemmingOverlrd likes this.
  11. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Evangelist Posts: 652   +247

    Itll be on or off option genius.
  12. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Evangelist Posts: 652   +247

  13. Gahl1k

    Gahl1k TS Rookie

    It pulls 60FPS, not 30.
  14. Vito05

    Vito05 TS Booster Posts: 27   +48

    Where do this numbers come from? Without a referenced game and settings at which it was run this numbers mean nothing. I can say I have 1000 fps with my old AMD 280X at 4K.... in minesweeper.
    Sausagemeat likes this.
  15. Gahl1k

    Gahl1k TS Rookie

    Battlefield V ray tracing demo claimed that it ran at 1080p@'solid' 60FPS on high settings.
    Vito05 likes this.
  16. godrilla

    godrilla TS Enthusiast Posts: 82   +39

    Well there is always sli lol except the 2070 cant sli so it seems the 2070 is probably the most pointless card in the lineup.
  17. Dosahka

    Dosahka TS Booster Posts: 135   +53

    I'm glad that my 1080 Ti is just couple percent slower in games in 1440p without RayTracing (does not seem that 2080Ti worth for 1080Ti users even with ray tracing, might be the next xx80 Ti card.)

    Also it feels like an incomplete product, should we hope a refresh?
  18. godrilla

    godrilla TS Enthusiast Posts: 82   +39

    Currently the 1080ti seems like a value compared to the rumored and leaked performance as well as Nvidia's own numbers compared to the 2080. Especially if you can get it at the low $600 which im starting to see here and there before it get sold out. This could be all intentional to sell off remaining stock of the 1080tis. I except similar outcome when it come to 2070 vs 1080.
  19. Sausagemeat

    Sausagemeat TS Maniac Posts: 409   +205

    Lots of people seem to have already decided that ray tracing performance will be awful. How do they know? I understand that the unfinished cards, running unfinished drivers in unfinished games didn’t perform that well. But it’s hardly confirmation that RTX will sap performance.

    Let’s wait until the benchmarks for the finished products come out before we condemn these products.
    emmzo and Toju Mikie like this.
  20. emmzo

    emmzo TS Addict Posts: 179   +73

    The 10th series have hardly any competition so there`s no point in taking them out, especially if they go cheaper.
    Footlong likes this.
  21. Dimitrios

    Dimitrios TS Guru Posts: 430   +310

    I find it strange Nvidia is pushing Ray Tracing really fast and hard (to push their high end cards that no one thinks it's worth buying) and now this. I think they have a huge overstock on older cards and trying to flip it making look like we should be grateful Nvidia is still "making" their older cards.
  22. godrilla

    godrilla TS Enthusiast Posts: 82   +39

    True, its almost like crysisesk but not really imo.
    Can it run ray tracing! All over again.
    To be honest I was more excited about crysis.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
  23. Footlong

    Footlong TS Addict Posts: 131   +62

    They don't know. The speculation over RTX performance comes from Shadow of The Tomb Raider video with Ray Tracing on. It was 1080p 60 fps with hiccups on the RTX 2080Ti. This is just not what someone paying US 1.200 dollars expect.
    godrilla likes this.
  24. GreenNova343

    GreenNova343 TS Maniac Posts: 356   +237

    And in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (https://www.techspot.com/news/76073-shadow-tomb-raider-unable-maintain-60fps-geforce-rtx.html), it struggled to even reach 60FPS@1080p. So nVidia's claims of "x2 performance", let alone guarantees of "60FPS with ray-tracing at 1080p" are pretty hard to believe.
  25. Lew Zealand

    Lew Zealand TS Guru Posts: 582   +475

    Wow, think so??

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