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Dec 8, 2008
  1. Ok I have a Biostar GeForce 8600 gts, about a few months ago the fan just stop spinning I didn't notice until I started to get lag and losing display icon. I was wondering what I can do to get the fan spinning again, that card works it just heats up very fast. What can I do to get a new fan, or repair it?

    May you find me a VGA fan that is compatible for the model Biostar GeForce 8600 gts, and post the exact link cause I only find 8600 GT or like FX series.
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    It's strange to bump a 1 day old thread, when waiting months to post this :confused:

    Anyway, usually it's a matter of purchasing high compressed air can (electronics store?) and blowing out all the dust
    You should also check the card closely for any breaks in wires or plugs

    Mind you months old why worry, it seems to work strangely
  4. ashley114

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    yea posted other site they didnt have much help, just found out about here, but i cleaned it, and its not broken...just the fan stop spinning out of no wer :[

    were can i buy fans for 8600 gts
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    You need to try to post clearly, also just do the above
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