Nvidia prices GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card at $799

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Thanks for convincing me to buy amd
You're welcome. Just remember to use DDU and you'll be happy as a clam. I say this from personal experience. It's better to buy Radeon because their performance at any price point will always be better than nVidia's. This is because AMD doesn't just expect that you'll buy their cards at whatever price, they know that they must earn your purchase.

That puts you, the consumer, at an advantage. It's an advantage that you just don't get from purchasing GeForce cards. I've been a much happier gamer since I first decided to stop wasting dollars on GeForce cards and I'm sure that you will be too. Having more money in your pocket at the end of the day tends to do that.

I caution you however, even though it's true that AMD is pretty much always a better buy than Intel or nVidia, don't ever let yourself become a fanboy because AMD doesn't care about you any more than any other corporation. I only buy AMD for the following reasons, none of which have anything to do with liking AMD itself:

1) AMD offers more performance per dollar than either Intel or nVidia, especially long-term.
2) Platforms last a lot longer than Intel platforms.
3) Radeon cards tend to be viable for far longer than GeForce cards.
4) Fewer anti-consumer shenanigans than either of the other two.
5) AMD doesn't lock any of its technologies behind paywalls and supports open standards.

The biggest reason of all is that I've seen what happens when Intel and nVidia get commanding positions in the marketplace. Competition and market balance is far more important than stupid gimmicks like ray-tracing or DLSS. I honestly wish that brands like Cyrix, Orchid, Diamond, S3 and Matrox were still in the game because things were so much better when we had more choices. Companies didn't dare pull the crap that Intel and nVidia have pulled since then because it would've been suicidal to do so.

Keeping AMD in the game is the only chance that we, as PC gamers and as consumers, have of keeping our great hobby alive and accessible to the many instead of the rich few. It's not because we love AMD, it's because they're the only ones left that can oppose the other two.
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I agree with Avro^..
Being older I am not influenced by marketing. Neither are most of my life-long clan mates, dating back 20+ years of on-line gaming.

price/performance is the criteria that nearly all of my Rl friends, co-workers & anyone who works hard for their money... bases their GPU purchas decision on.

nVidia has spent millions trying to confuse the gamer and use marketing to explain their failure to compete with price/performance of AMD cards.

Visual test:
Radeon RX 7900 XTX = $1k (sold out everywhere for the past month)
GeFarce RTX 4080 = $1,200 (sitting on shelves everywhere)

This is what NVidia doesn't want the mass public to see.... so they will invent proprietary terms to market their products.